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Read through the different phases below to understand how we work to create the most comfortable and cost-effective homes possible for you. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at H & H Holdings. FREE consultations and estimates are available!
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The H & H Holdings Process

Your Expectations
We will meet to discuss your wants, needs, preferences, styles, budget, floor plan, and style of home. Knowing what you need and expect allows us to more accurately build you the custom home of your dreams. This process also allows us to help you make cost-effective decisions.

Drafting and Details
Our staff and architectural designer will go through every detail of your home so that any and all necessary changes can be made before we bid out the job. If you are designing a custom home, every detail will be considered and put into your construction plans. You will go through requirements with our staff to ensure that everyone is on the same page, and your project will be bid.

During this phase, we will also create a 3-D rendering of your home so you can get a better idea of what to expect upon its completion.

Design and Selection
We will meet throughout the building process to make selections on items such as roofing, siding colors, interior trim packages, and everything in between. This process takes place in our Jamestown office where you can physically see and touch samples of the majority of items and materials going into your home.

This step provides you with the advantage of envisioning a much larger selection of options than would otherwise be available.

Building Process
Your project manager will work with you directly throughout the building process for site layout, framing, and plumbing and electrical walk-throughs. They will also answer any questions you may have. This is a great way to get you more involved in the building process and helps to keep the lines of communication open during the construction phase.

Congratulations! Together, we have achieved our goal. The custom home of your dreams is complete and you are almost ready to move in. We will do a final walk-through to answer any questions you have and take care of any last minute items that may come to mind.

You will receive a new-home-buyers packet, if your house is a presold or one from our spec home inventory, as well as touch-up materials and mechanical owner's manuals.

Your warranty is detailed in your warranty packet. You will receive this at signing or closing. It references and troubleshoots many questions you might have as you and your family settle into your new living space. There is a one-year materials and workmanship warranty and information on manufacturer warranties that must be registered by the homeowner.

Once these are all set up, you will only have to worry about the truly important things in life, the people in your home. The rest is covered. All warranty information will be signed and dated for our files.

Construction Financing is Available
A possible step for many of our clients is to acquire a loan to finance the construction process. H & H Holdings is here to help you get the construction loan you need. Contact Ron Morlock or Dean Hafner today for more details.
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Construction Financing is Available
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